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The National Communication Strategy Research Center at the Renmin University of China (RUC) in Beijing is an academic research institute housed in the university’s famed School of Journalism. The Center’s official establishment was jointly announced on October 3, 2017, by Qizheng Zhao, Dean of RUC’s School of Journalism and a former director of the State Council Information Office; Wimin Guo, Deputy Director of the State Council Information Office; Wei Liu, President of RUC; Liming Wang, Executive Vice President of RUC, among other dignitaries. The Center’s founding director is Associate Professor Qin Li at RUC’s School of Journalism.

The Center receives extremely resourceful support from RUC’s School of Journalism. Following “National Strategy and Global Vision” as one of its guiding principles, the Center’s founding mission aims to: (a) build a high-level think tank and national database in the field of national communication strategy research in China by way of engendering the contribution from a world-wide network of scholars, policy-makers, industry leaders, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, etc., (b) promote cross-border cooperation in interdisciplinary theoretical scholarship and applied research, and (c) facilitate tangible outcome or actionable consultation in policy-making, curricular development on all educational and training levels, international cooperation, ongoing basic and applied research initiatives in the field, etc.

Building upon its experiences since its initial inception, the National Communication Strategy Research Center at the Renmin University of China will continue to build its expanding network of likeminded colleagues and institutions from across China and around the world, develop and host international conferences, research projects, and exchange programs, as well as embark on the formation of a national database and strategic consultation network.