Journalism and Social Development

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The Journalism and Social Development Research Center

The main objectives of the Journalism and Social Development Research Center are to study how journalism and communication promotes political, economic, cultural and social development, and to consult the relevant authorities on policy and theory. As a national think tank and academic platform, the Research Center’s strengths are its abilities to perform interdisciplinary research unrestricted by geographical boundaries, and to bring together first-class scholars and experts to conduct joint research.

Over the past years the Research Center has undertaken a large number of research projects for the Ministry of Education, the Publicity Department of China’s Communist Party, the State Press and Publication Administration, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and the China Journalists Association.

Together with the School of Journalism and Communication, the Research Center publishes the distinguished Chinese Journal of Journalism and Communication and Collection of Papers on Journalism and Communication.

The Research Center houses seven institutes: Institute of Journalism and Communication; Institute of Public Opinion; Institute of Media Economics; Institute of Public Communication; Institute of New Media; Institute of Audiovisual Communication; and the Institute of Journalism Ethics and Laws.

Institute of Public Opinion

The Institute of Public Opinion focuses on studying people’s perceptions, attitudes and opinions about social issues; examines the relationships between public opinion, society, and journalism and communication; aims to explain the phenomenon of public opinion; aims to predict the development of public opinion; studies the fundamentals of public opinion control to promote the sound development of society; and provides data and valuable suggestions to policy makers and news media. The institute’s current director is Prof. Yu Guoming.

Institute of Journalism and Communication

The Institute of Journalism and Communication carries out academic research on developing a theoretical system of journalism and communication with Chinese characteristics; provides theoretical support and consulting services for news media reform in China; meets the needs for information globalization; researches the theoretical and practical problems of international journalism and communication; explores the impact and influence of new media on traditional media; and formulates new media communication theories to guide contemporary practices. The institute’s current director is Prof. Chen Lidan.

Institute of Media Economics

The Institute of Media Economics focuses on examining economic laws and management; performs research on the impact of the media economy on the national economy; studies the functions of media, the features of new media, communication resources and power and their distribution; and provides valuable theoretical and practical research for news managers and news agencies. The current deputy director is Prof. Zhang Huifeng.