Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The School of Journalism and Communication offers four BA degrees: Journalism, Communication, Broadcasting, and Advertising. Students are required to take core courses, including Global History of Journalism and Communication, Journalism Ethics & Law, and Audio & Video Production. Beyond the core courses, the curriculum is broad and flexible, and emphasizes both theoretical reflection and production skills. Students choose electives and need to fulfill the university’s General Education requirements by taking courses in other departments.

BA in Journalism

The BA in Journalism emphasizes the development of writing and editing skills. The curriculum prepares students for jobs as journalists and editors at news agencies, newspapers, magazines, websites, and governmental and private organizations.

Core courses: News Reporting & Writing; News Editing; Opinion Writing; Visual Journalism.

BA in Communication

The BA in Communication trains students to become professionals in public relations, political communication, brand communication, crisis communication, and health communication. Potential employers include governments, corporations, and other organizations.

Core courses: Public Communication; Communication Strategies; Online Communication; Social Media.


BA in Broadcasting

The BA in Broadcasting trains students to be journalists, managers, editors and presenters for radio and TV.

Core courses: Radio News Reporting; TV News Reporting; Documentary Film Production.

BA in Advertising

The BA in Advertising trains students to become professionals in the planning, writing and design of advertisements. Potential employers include advertising agencies, the advertising departments of media corporations and other organizations.

Core courses: Advertisement Planning; Media Strategies for Advertising; Media Economics: Theory & Practice.