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Faculty and Staff

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•Professor and doctoral supervisor,School of Journalism and Communication

•Secretary General of the Journalism Committee of the Higher Education Self-taught Examination Committee

•Executive Director of China Science and Technology Journalism Association


•PhD, Wuhan University





Teaching (Previous & Current)

•Online Communication

•Mobile Media Research


•New media

Kuang presided over and timely completed the national Social Science Foundation of China project named by"Research on the Latest Development of Communication Technology and its Impact" (Project Approval No. 02BXW011), "Research on Mobile Media and Its Management" (Project Approval No. 05BXW006, rated as excellent);He also presided over and completed the new compilation of Network Communication Technology,which is a key textbook of the National Tenth Five-year Plan. Besides, he presided over and “The Research of Public Opinion Management iIn New Media”, a free exploration project of Renmin University of China's 985 Project.He won the New Century Excellent Talents Support and Funding Program of The Ministry of Education for "A Comparative Study on the Development of Chinese and Western New Media", and presided over and completed the major project of Humanities and Social Science Key Research Base of the Ministry of Education named by "Research on the Guidance and Control of Public Opinion in the New Generation of Internet Environment".

He is currently presiding over the key project of National Social Science Foundation of China named by "Research on Establishing and Improving network Comprehensive Governance System".


Introduction to Network Media (Tsinghua University Press), published in March 2001, is one of the earliest monographs on new media in China. Introduction to Mobile Media (Renmin University of China Press), published in 2006, is the first and most cited monograph on mobile media in China.Introduction to New Media (Renmin University of China Press) and Introduction to Network Communication (Higher Education Press) have become standard textbooks for universities in China.

By September 2021, CNKI had collected 301 papers of Kuang Wwenbo.He has published 20 monographs, which mainly contain: Introduction to Network Media, Tsinghua University Press, March 2001 (one of the earliest monographs on network news communication in China);Introduction to Network Communication, Higher Education Press, the 1st edition in 2001, the 2nd edition in 2004 (won the 2004 Beijing Higher Education Excellent Textbook Award), the 3rd edition in 2009, and the ;4th edition in, 2015;"Analysis of Netizens", Peking University Press, 2003 (one of the landmark achievements of "Research on The Latest Development and Impact of Communication Technology", funded by Nnational Social Science Foundation of China);Network Communication Technology, Higher Education Press (National Tenth Five-year Plan Key Textbook), Introduction to Mobile Media, Renmin University of China Press, 2006 (the first monograph on mobile media in China), the 2nd edition in , 2012;Network Communication Theory and Technology, China Renmin University Press, 2007;Electronic and Web Publishing, China Renmin University Press, 2008;Management of Network Media, .Communication University of China Press, August 2009;Mobile Media: New Revolution in New Media (Huaxia Publishing House, 2010);Introduction to New Media, Renmin University Of China Press, the 1st edition in 2012, 1st edition, the 2nd edition in September 2015, and the 3rd edition in August 2019; Media Literacy of Civil Servants, Xinhua Publishing House, June 2012; Disrupting media -- Mobile: The Computer and Organ of the New Age, .Huaxia Publishing House, May 2013; Public Opinion Based on New Media: Models, Empirical Studies, Hot Topics and Prospects, New media public opinion: model, demonstration, hot spot and prospect, Renmin university of China press, March 2014,3.

Honors and Awards

He is one of the earliest scholars engaged in new media research and teaching in China.By CSSCI search, he is also one of the scholars whose papers is cited most.Among all of his papersthem, Aan Analysis of The Concept of "New Media" (Chinese Journal of Journalism & Communication, 2008,6) has been cited for 1018 times as of September 2021.He has been a senior visiting scholar in Tokyo, Japan and Silicon Valley,and he has been was invited to lecture at Hong Kong Shue Yan University.

In 2007, he was admitted to the New Century Excellent Talents Program of the Ministry of Education.In 2017, he was selected as Outstanding Young Scholar of Renmin University of China, and was selected as minjiang Lecture Pprofessor of Minjiang University.In November 2019, Kuang Wenbo wrote the survey report "The Generation, Communication and Governance of Public Opinion in Wechat and Weibo", which won the 13th Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award of Fujian Province.In January 2020, he was appointed as Distinguished Professor of Renmin University of China.


•Email wbkuang@ruc.edu.cn