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Exchange and Visite

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The School of Journalism and Communication has exchange programs with universities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and other places. The School is dedicated to creating outstanding academic and life experiences for international students.

Visit the website of RUC’s International Student Office (, look up information about our programs and fill out an application. The International Student Office reviews your application to make sure the School offers enough courses in English in your field of interest. Note that students need to take at least 10 credits (usually five courses) per semester. If your application meets the university’s requirements, the International Student Office will send you a letter of admission.

The School of Journalism and Communication currently charges a tuition fee of 23,200 RMB (about 3,200 EUR or 3,500 US dollars) per academic year. Students who elect to stay for only a semester pay a reduced rate.

For more information, please call +86-6251-2698