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  1. Feature:Care for More Mothers and Babies by Zhang Fang
    Feature:'Care for More Mothers and Babies' by Zhang Fang2016-01-21

    Zhang Fang draws an intimate portrait of Gao, who after losing seven patients in one night quit her job as an obstetrics surgeon to become an obstetrics instructor. Gao now teaches classes for pregnant women in a Beijing hospital. Gao is a patient and devoted instructor who understands the feelings o...

  2. Feature:Sail Against the Windby Cheng Yu
    Feature:'Sail Against the Wind'by Cheng Yu2016-01-27

    Cheng Yu vividly describes the travails of a female Chinese navy officer during an escort operation in the Gulf of Aden and off the Somali Coast. The navy officer and her male colleagues on board battle seasickness, intense heat, loneliness and the fear of not knowing what might happen next. By focus...

  3. Photo Series: Beijing Drifters by Yao Yao
    Photo Series: 'Beijing Drifters' by Yao Yao2016-01-21

    The many migrants who live and work in the Chinese capital without a residency permit are called ‘Beijing drifters.’ This collection of photographs by Yao Yao digs deep into their lives and reality. Most photos were taken in the Shuimo Community, located to the west of Tsinghua University and nea...

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